“I sort of fell into the Poultry Industry by accident, I was studying A level Maths, Economics and Accountancy but found it wasn’t for me. I was desperate to do something else, so my dad who worked for Aviagen Turkeys managed to help me secure an ‘As and When’ position in the Grantham Hatchery to
keep me going until I decided what I wanted to do. I loved the Hatchery from day one and made the decision to stay and try to progress.

I started with P.D. Hook as an Assistant Manager, six months into my time here a Hatchery Manager position became vacant. I felt I had done well up to that point, so expressed my interest with Adrian Rushby. At 23 years old and only 7 months on from leaving Aviagen Turkeys as a Hatchery Operative, PD Hook took a gamble and gave me the Hatchery Managers role. I’m sure there are very few companies out there who would have done the same.

My knowledge has grown immensely since I joined the Company just over two years ago. Firstly I was able to see the Affcot Hatchery refurbishment. In  those 10 months I was able to work on my weakest area inside the Hatchery, which was the maintenance/engineering side. People management is a skill that has massively improved in my time under Hooks.

What I love about my job is you get the freedom and responsibility to run a Hatchery, but you aren’t bound to the office all day. There are plenty of
opportunities to go out, get stuck in, and get your hands dirty.

The advise I would give to someone is, as long as they are willing to put the hours in, do the early mornings after the late night call outs, get their hands dirty, then go for it! There is nothing more rewarding than working within the Poultry Industry”.


“I have worked in the Poultry Industry for 7 years now. I felt it was an interesting, challenging industry to which I felt I could potentially build a long term career from. A fantastic opportunity arose for a Trainee Area Manager; I saw this as a chance to gain valuable experience which would help me reach my goal of becoming an Area Manager in the future.

My current role is a long term tr aining and development program which increases my experience and responsibility over time, which in turn gives me an opportunity to immerse myself in all areas of the Business and hopefully progress when the time is right. I have been very lucky that the Company has arranged for me to study for an SVQ Level 3 qualification in Poultry Production which is a mixture of study and work based learning.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Hook2Sisters and am very excited for what the future holds”.



“Taking a HND in Poultry opened the door to a varied, interesting and rewarding career. Having proved that I had the knowledge and ability to run a farm gave me the confidence to take opportunities as they arose within the Company. Progressing to Poultry Advisor, Breeding Division Manager, Technical Manager and now General Manager.

With each of these roles my skills had to increase to include people management, budget control, running trials, writing reports and giving presentations at all levels.

I have had the opportunity to travel widely to view production through out the world and have attended many conferences at which I have made many friends along the way”.